We’re an ambitious, growing, financial strategy and consultancy firm. We only work with awesome clients, running interesting businesses that are really looking to go places. Helping them and their passionate teams achieve their collective vision is what it’s all about for us!

So, it’s only fair that we build an awesome team at CRC to meet our clients' demands.

Even if we’re not actively advertising for new team members at the moment, the truth is, when the right person comes along, we’ll simply make it work!

Whether you’re looking to work remotely or here in our office, we’re flexible and happy to find something which works for us all.

If you’d like to work with us, and think you bring something a bit different to the table, use the link below to drop us a video introducing yourself, fire over your CV, and let’s have a chat.

Best of all, you get to work with this lovely lot!

Send your CV & intro video

A video?! What?!

Don’t worry. You don’t need to go all Spielberg on us. We just want to get to know you a bit!

Many of our meetings happen with clients online these days, and we also send videos out to clients running through every piece of work, prior to the meeting. Clients are finding these invaluable, so it’s super important that you’re comfortable with these!

To help guide you through your vid, we’d like the following points covered:

  • Who you are - we at least need a name, so we know who we're looking at!
  • Work background – what you’ve enjoyed about your career so far
  • Why CRC? What’s the reason for applying?
  • Hobbies and stuff you like – work/life balance is important. What else do you get up to?
  • Ad lib - tell us a joke, something interesting, go rogue! Basically, we're a tight knit team here, and we want to get to know the real you!

And please keep it to less than 10 minutes. Whilst we’ll love hearing from you, we’ll save the detail to the interview stages!

How do I get my video & CV to you?

The easiest way is through WeTransfer. Just click the button below to get started.

We'll be able to securely download your documents at this end, and can take it all from there!

Send your CV & intro video

What’s the future like at CRC?

We have big plans, and even bigger ideas.

This is a team effort, and a collective approach. Our employees are integral to the future direction of this firm, and helping shape your own future and the future of everyone we work with.

We've had some recognition as a firm already, but that was just the start...

We know what we (as a firm) want to represent within the accounting industry. But as to how we achieve it – well, that’s the exciting bit. We’ll keep trying, developing, and refining, until we get there!

Are you ready to help become part of shaping this?

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4 Soulisquoy Loan, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1BY


4 Soulisquoy Loan, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1BY