July 1st 2021, by Calvin Cooper


Let’s take a minute to run through all the questions you might have about this new exciting programme!

Summarise this for me.

Ok – we shall. This course is aimed at business leaders who:

  • Have ambitions to grow or squeeze more performance out of their current business setup.
  • Wish to work with other like-minded business owners, in a collaborative, rather than competitive, manner.
  • Wish to understand how they can become a better business leader for their team.
  • Wish to create a lifestyle which they enjoy, mastering the three freedoms
    • Peace of mind
    • Financial stability
    • Time to enjoy a healthy work/life balance

Shall we run into the detail behind this summary now?

Is this programme right for me & my business?

A good place to start.

Lots of business owners have a good idea about roughly what they want to achieve longer term – whether it’s making more money, striking a better balance of working hours, or making a positive change for their employees and the families of those employees.

However, we regularly see the stresses which inevitably creep in along the way. Things don’t go to plan, profits aren’t quite where you’d like them, and you constantly feel like you’re chasing your tail just to keep up – never mind having the time & money to move ahead!

For larger businesses, where there’s a big management team – in-house heads of operations, IT, finance, HR, etc – it’s perhaps easier to overcome these stresses, as there’s somebody who’s specifically responsible for overcoming the issues facing their particular business area.

But for owners of smaller businesses – with just a handful of staff - this isn’t so easy. You are the HR department. You are the finance department. You wear ALL the hats.

Facing this alone is commendable, but is also the reason why many small business owners pack it all in – or worse, struggle on, with a worsening financial position, and eventually get burnt out. This can have an impact personally too, health and home life may start to suffer.

The value of collective thinking

There is huge value in working together to share experiences with other like-minded business owners, and finding solutions in conjunction with other businesses who are at a similar stage to you.

Taking time to step-back from working in the business, and finding a structured way to work on the business, is so important to help you get clarity over what can be tweaked and improved upon.

As your programme hosts, we have had the benefit of working with lots of businesses over the years! To help you get where you want to go quicker, without the need for years of trial & error, we’re taking our combined experience, and have packaged it up in a way which is going to help you guys get clarity over how to turn your business into the machine you wish it to be!

Now, there’s a lot of noise online. Courses promising the world, and sadly failing to deliver. This isnt us. We don’t enter into something unless we know we will deliver.

We walk the talk, and our programme is no different.

We’re aware, though, that this is going to take effort on your part, supported by equal measures of guidance and challenge on our part. But overall, we’re confident that we’ve developed a programme and an environment that’s going to give you guys the results you deserve!

Ultimately, you will get out what you put in.

What will the course consist of?

The full detailed course programme will be revealed to the successful applicants in due course. But the themes which we’ll be covering include:

  • Core values – understanding exactly what you stand for, and ensuring your messaging is consistent with that, both in terms of marketing, and within your business/team.
  • Organisational structure – do you have the right people ‘on the bus’? More importantly, are they in the right seat? Understanding that, and identifying the gaps, is key as you look for your next hire, and is vital in any growing business!
  • What do the numbers mean? Like, really mean? – “you made £X and your tax is £Y.” If that’s all your accountant says to you, then things need to change. We’ll deep dive into the numbers, help you understand which ones matter, and which don’t, and start to help you focus on driving your business forward using only those which are relevant!
  • But it’s not all about numbers! – perhaps more important than the financial figures, we must understand how the non-financials drive the success of any business – such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and even absenteeism! We’ll help you hone in on what’s really driving your business from a non-financial perspective, and help you get clear on how to use this data as your North Star to drive your business forward!
  • Setting expectations – targets are important, as they give people focus on what needs done short term to achieve the longer term vision. We’ll identify how best to communicate these, how they are measured, and help you and your team all start singing from the same hymn sheet!
  • People and processes – your team is your business’s most important asset. By a long shot. And in order to ensure they’re working at their best, we need to understand what makes them tick, and what processes need to be in place to keep things on track, and have everyone clear about their role and how to execute their piece of the puzzle!
  • Non-negotiable habits – Once you’ve established what really matters to the business and what’s driving it, we can help you build non negotiable habits, practices and processes that WILL yield results when applied consistently.
  • Leader empowerment – this might sound a bit soft and fluffy, but it certainly isn’t. Becoming a brilliant leader is the key way to ensure you get the life out of your business which you crave. We’ll help you understand your strengths, and acknowledge other tweaks which can be made to add to those strengths. Fundamentally, this is what this whole course is about. We want you to be inspired by the others in the group, and for you to act as an inspiration to them. Are you up to that?

What format will it take?

This is going to be a face to face course, with the first session starting in September 2021 - so surely COVID rules will permit for this at that time!

The course will be held once-a-month, and will be a mixture of full-day, and half-day sessions. We’ll utilise a combination of individual work, as well as group work, in a collaborative workshop environment.

But this isn’t just a ‘show up on the day, then walk away’ type gig. Between the sessions, we’ll be giving you real-life ‘homework’ which you will take off and apply within your business during the weeks between sessions. It’s through doing this real life application of the theory that the tangible results will be generated!

There’s no slackers on this course. Being accountable to one another within the group ensure that everyone’s pulling their weight, and that we’re all in this journey together!

Powerpoints will be strictly kept to a minimum. This is very much a practical, involved programme!

Do I have to be an existing client of CRC or EDJ (or do I have to become one)?

Nope. You’re perfectly free to keep your current accountant/tax advisor. This is an entirely standalone business development programme.

The only thing your accountant needs to be involved in is telling you about the increased profits you’ll have made at the end of it!

How much work will I have to put in?

As a minimum, there will be attendance of the monthly group workshops.

However, the application of the practical homework between sessions will vary from business to business, depending on how much work that given area needs to start seeing the necessary changes.

The truth is though, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of this.

So it all comes down to how much you really want to make a change!

Why have you pulled together this programme?

Both of our businesses do a lot of one-to-one work with clients.

Whilst this is incredibly valuable to businesses at a certain size and stage of their journey, we both started to identify that there was a lot of other businesses who were on their way to becoming a business of that size, but perhaps could do with a bit of support in order to burst through their current ceiling, and realise their full potential.

We always want to generate real value for every one of our clients. This means ensuring each client sees solid returns on their investment with us.

Both EDJ and CRC are aligned in that we never want to sell a piece of work for the sake of selling a piece of work; the client must actually be receiving real value.

Unfortunately, for some smaller businesses, we were also conscious that the price-point for the one-to-one work might be a little bit too much for where that business is currently at.

BUT, we knew there was so much value which could be delivered to these businesses – and which these businesses deserve to have access to - without them having the need for our full blown one-to-one service package. Hence identifying this mastermind group as being the way in which we could deliver this value to more businesses in a way which works for everyone involved.

Fundamentally though, we both really care about seeing people and businesses develop. And if this course allows us access to add value to even more businesses and the individuals within them, in a really tangible way, we feel incredibly fortunate to be in a position to deliver it!

Why ‘Flywheel’?

This spawns from legendary business lecturer Jim Collins’ ‘The Flywheel Effect’ concept. In business, it’s the culmination of lots of small efforts, changes, and developments which eventually lead to the breakthrough which is desired.

Once that happens, the business gains the momentum under its own steam to become the success that you wish it to be! Despite public perception, there is rarely such a thing as an overnight success though. It is through those small, deliberate efforts, and the consistent grind applied over time, that you start to slowly gain that momentum.

Attending our course is one of those deliberate efforts which starts to put the momentum in your favour.

You can find out more about Jim’s concept here.

Accountants are dull. Is this programme going to be super dull?

Come on. I’m sure you can see by now that this is going to be anything but dull!

How do I apply?

Applications go live from 1 July 2021. You can click the link here!

Am I guaranteed a place?

Whilst we’d love to open this up to everyone, we want to keep the quality of the course, and the engagement of everybody who’s on it, super high.

Naturally, this works best when we work with a smaller select group, rather than a lecture-hall filled by the masses.

Therefore, from all those who apply, we’ll be selecting a key group of businesses who we feel are going to get the most benefit out of attending – both in terms of the value we can bring to them, and the value they’ll bring to one another!

How will I know if I’ve been accepted onto the course?

We’ll be reviewing all the applications together once the closing date has passed. We’ll then follow up on these – perhaps face-to-face (COVID rules permitting) – in order to hone this down to the final selected group.

We’re conscious that this timescale lands bang in the middle of the Summer holidays, and folk might be taking a well-needed break! So we’re aiming to have everyone spoken to and notified by mid/late August.

How much does it cost?

The programme costs £250+VAT per month. (8 months = £2,000+VAT).

We will be tracking how much financial return everyone generates from attending. It’s in our interests (for the future marketing of this programme) that we help you generate as much return on investment as possible!

For example, if we said you could pay £2k to make £10k, you’d probably take it, eh?!

We’re competitive, and we want to generate more returns for the people we help than the other advisors out there!

Does this qualify as a tax deductible expense?

Of course! You didn’t think a bunch of accountants would put on a course that doesn’t qualify, did you?

This is an investment in your business as much as an investment in you personally, so it will fully qualify as a tax-deductible training expense in your books!

I want to get going now!

Awesome! Click here to fill out your application form now!

After months of discussions, we can’t wait to finally get underway with this, to meet you all, and to start seeing how this Collective journey shapes the future of you and your business!

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