June 1st 2021, by Calvin Cooper

COVID has reshaped the business landscape immeasurably. Remote working quickly became the norm. Tech moved on at a ferocious pace, enabling businesses to be more connected than ever. And people really started taking time to think about what’s important to them.

For us, a few things happened. Firstly, the new clients we started winning were not just from around Orkney, but they were spread across the UK. The way that we interacted with them, through the variety of tech available, showed that it was now easier than ever before to provide value to them without always needing to be in the same room together.

That said, we gained a super clear understanding of the importance of our team being in the office together, for at least some of the working week.

This proved crucial in helping shape our firm, and how we wish to build, grow and develop our offering to the market.

It was now more apparent than ever before, the importance a super-enjoyable work environment plays in creating a more fulfilling workplace, and therefore, a healthy work/life balance.

With this in mind, we began the hunt for our future home...

What is a co-working space?

You might have stumbled across bigger businesses operating these spaces, such as WeWork and Work Clockwise, etc. These are spaces where you can rent a desk for as little as a day at a time – get connected to superfast, reliable internet, all the usual office facilities, and great coffee (very important) – without the need to commit to a full commercial office lease.

There’s also be a mix of meeting rooms available to the folk using the space, so they can meet with their own clients, or have phone/video calls in private.

It offers all the business benefits a commercial environment, in a more relaxed, communal, and flexible manner - something which we've all began to appreciate the importance of through COVID.

This is not something Orkney has benefitted from to date, but it is something we firmly believe local entrepreneurs deserve!

viewing one another as people to collaborate with, rather than compete against.

Who uses a space like this?

The list could be endless! But the broad types of folk we have in mind include:

  • Freelancers and small businesses who need a break from working at the kitchen table - our dream is that No. 42 serves as a lauchpad for growth of their business, meaning they have to start taking on employees and seeking their own future long-term home!
  • Employees of bigger businesses, who crave time out of their normal office, and wish to work in a creative environment
  • Tourists visiting Orkney, but who need to do a bit of work whilst they're here
  • Larger businesses coming in for team development sessions & workshops (something we'll announce more about in due course!)
  • Speakers and tutors looking to deliver events & classes

creating a space like this was a natural step in our journey of helping generate business growth!

What’s the vision

We don’t want this to just be a passive space, where people pass through without really engaging with one another. The vision has always been about community.

Orkney’s community coming together. And specifically, Orkney’s business community sharing ideas, and viewing one another as people to collaborate with, rather than compete against.

Of course, with our background in business, we’ve always wanted to facilitate this engagement and development in any way possible. So creating a space like this was a natural step in our journey of helping generate business growth!

And if No. 42 should also happen to facilitate the odd ‘brainstorming session’ in the garden area over a post-work beer & pizza, well that’s surely got to be good for business!

This is just the beginning

Developing this space is going to take time, but it’s important we get it right. We already have loads of ideas about what it’s going to feel like to work in this place, and how the businesses within it will interact.

But as with any good plan, the best ideas will be distilled through time. Initially, the architects have their work cut out to figure out the best solution for the old gal!

Meantime though, we really look forward to sharing our journey with you all as this place develops, and can’t wait to see what it becomes!

To keep up to date with all the developments, feel free to follow the journey here.

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4 Soulisquoy Loan, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1BY